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4 – 7%


Late in April, about ten minutes before the end of my last shift of the week, the ambulance arrived.

She was 3-days post partum and suffered eclamptic seizures at home, hitting her head on the way down.

She was full of fluid. All told we suctioned 400 ml out of her lungs and 300 ml out of a nasogastric tube. Despite the suctioning and positive pressure ventilations with 100% oxygen through an endo-tracheal tube her O2 sat never got above 72%.

While on the CT table, clearing head and neck injuries, she bradyed down to nothing. So I performed CPR on her until crash cart arrived. After opening the Atropine she regained a heartrate in the 140’s. 

She ultimately, went to ICU, then Med/Surg, then home nurologically intact despite the prolonged hypoxia.

Last night she came in again. Complaining of cough and cold symptoms. Most likely a cold (I left prior to her discharge). But I did her EKG and worked on getting an IV.

I was just amazed the whole time seeing her talking to us. The fact she wasn t purple. How she mentioned her cardiologist said she probably has fractured ribs (my bad).

She was part of the 4% who survived CPR and the only person whom I have ever done it to who has made it.

I was just amazed.


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